History Wave! Mosquito Repellant Smartphone Launched & Tested Effective

A history wave has been made as Mosquito Repellant Smartphone has been successfully launched. This fascinating innovation is the thought and product of LG company. LG K7i is a newly launched smartphone that has a “No mosquito” mode built inside the phone. Weird!, isn’t it?

How Mosquito Repellant Smartphone Works?

This viable technology uses an inaudible ultrasonic noise that protects you from the bites of the mosquitoes. The noise keeps the mosquitoes at a distance. what’s great about this tech is that you can’t hear the noise, it acts exactly like the random smartphone you are used to.

Mosquito Repellant Smartphone

This automatically cures the disturbing and terrific mosquito disturbance and disease.

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This says a final goodbye to the horrible mosquito sound and bites, grab yours now. Below are the specifications and price for this phone

Specifications and price

  1. 5.00 inch touchscreen display
  2. Has a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels
  3. 1GHz quad core processor
  4. 2GB RAM
  5. 16GB internal storage
  6. 8 megapixel at the back and mega pixel at the back
  7. It runs android 6.0
  8. Powered by 2500mAh battery
  9. It is a dual sim device
  10. Fingerprint sensor

Price of Mosquito Repellant Smartphone

The price for this device is N43,890/ $121.

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