How To Have a Great Experience Netflix

When it comes to streaming all your seasonal movies or watching that series that you missed due to one reason or another, there is no better place to do this than Netflix. The platform allows you to watch movies and to also stream after paying a particular subscription fee.

The company that owns the app was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Rudolph in 1997. Apart from the streaming service, Netflix also offers various services like film production and distribution.

Using Netflix can be very easy, as all you need to do most times is log on to the platform and search for whatever you want to watch. However, you can have a better experience on this amazing platform. This article has been written to teach you several tricks and hacks that will make your Netflix experience really enjoyable.

Discover new contents on the site

Netflix mostly creates an illusion for users, which means that the new contents are hidden and they try to get your attention to shift to old contents by using recommendations. You can easily overcome this problem by visiting a website that contains the list of all the new content on Netflix. These sites include Allflicks.

Allflicks has a page that you can just go and choose any category you want. This will show you knew contents that are present in that category and allow you to choose. You can also select a random movie by providing certain criteria on the randomizer.

Seize control of your “My List”

After creating the list that best suits you sometimes, Netflix can still rearrange them according to a certain algorithm. To regain control just;

  • Login to Netflix in an internet browser window.
  • Surf over your profile icon at the corner of the screen until you see a drop-down menu.
  • Choose ‘Your account’ and click on order my list in the ‘your profile’ section.
  • Click the manual ordering box and save it.
  • When next you go to your list, it will truly be ‘your list’

Forcefully play videos in HD

When there is a fluctuating bitrate, the video you are playing might try to adjust to each successive change and this will make the quality of the video that you are watching to fluctuate. To address this issue just;

Start playing a Netflix video and hold down ctrl-shift-alt-S. This will present you with a menu and you can then override the audio and video bitrate setting for the one you are watching.

Make your suggestions personalized

Since Netflix contains a lot of movies and shows, there are many irrelevant and annoying suggestions that can be brought to your screen. To correct this;

  • On the Netflix website, you will notice a personalize section between browse and kids.
  • You might be presented with a quiz about how often you watch Netflix.
  • After successfully completing the quiz, you can personalize the platform to suit your needs.


All these hacks are for you to have more fun with Netflix. So be it mobile, PC or smart TV you can be sure to get maximum satisfaction with all these tips.

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