How to Apply for UNICAF Scholarship Online | UNICAF Scholarship Application Guide

There are a lot of scholarships on the internet these days, but it’s not everyone that can apply for them. This is because there are specific scholarships for specific people. However, the UNICAF scholarship is available for those who want a brilliant future but cannot afford the full cost. UNICAF helps you to pay for your studies in their partner universities around the UK, US, and Europe. In this guide, we have provided details on how to apply for UNICAF scholarship.

With UNICAF scholarship you get to get internationally recognized degrees with a smooth, quick and stress-free registration process. Check below for the full registration guidelines.

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Guidelines To Apply for UNICAF Scholarship

1. Open your browser and type in or copy the following link

2. Scroll down till you see the application form; you need to complete this form before going to the second stage.

After you submit the application form, a Student Adviser will contact you and discuss:

  • Your qualifications for the course
  • The details about the degree
  • The eligibility criteria
  • If you want to study only online or at the Unicaf University Campus in Malawi
  • The documentation that you will need to provide for your administration
  • The level of scholarship you are eligible for
  • A possible payment plan that suits your budget

3. Once you have agreed with the Student Adviser that you would like to proceed and submitted all the paperwork, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Officer to determine if your academic qualifications meet the minimum criteria and the Scholarship Committee.

4. Finally, you will be contacted with the decision of the Admissions Officer and the Scholarship Committee. Students that study online can also take advantage of our Learning Centres that are located at several locations worldwide.

For the ones that commence their studies, the UNICAF team will continue to be at your side every step of the way.

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