How to Block Ads on Your Android Phone – Step by Step Guide

How to blocks ads on your android phone

Sometimes the use of free apps can be very annoying due to the advertisement that they display. These ads go on to slow down your phone and also prevents the apps from working optimally. It can also get very bad as this ads most times makes your battery to drain faster and can even increase the temperature of your phone. That is why we have written ‘how to block ads’ article to teach you how you can easily prevent all these ads from ruining the fun.

Several apps can help you to keep ads away from your phone, but not all of them will properly optimise the performance of the phone. What this means is that some apps will consume your battery faster while blocking ads. But there is an app that makes sure that ads do not disturb you and still takes care of your battery. The name of this app is Klode’s ad-blocking app.

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The app works at a DNS level, meaning that traffic is filtered for a brief moment when the connection is first made. This is to make sure that battery is being saved. The app is free and one of the best no-root ad-blocker.

To get the KLODE’s app, your phone must be

  1. Android 5.0 lollipop or higher.
  2. “Unknown sources” should be enabled.

How To Download And Use Klode’s ad-blocking app

  • Go to Google play store to download the DNS66 app.
  • Install the app and launch it on your phone.
  • You will see a start tab when you first open the app, adjust setting according to your preference.
  • Go to the hosts’ tab at the top of your screen.
  • Pick at least one ad-blocking host file, which will represent the list of servers that DNS66 will help you block. (For starters you can enable only the ‘Adaway hosts file’)
  • Tap the shield icon next to any of the sources. This will enable or disable the host’s file.
  • Go back to the start tab and enable the VPN service.
  • You can now enjoy all your apps without advertisement popping-up.

DNS66 is a very great app that answers your how to block ads problem and will ensure that you take back control of your phone. So download it today and enjoy.

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