A lot of people must have heard of truecaller, an app that helps reveal the name of the person calling you even though you haven’t formerly saved the name, and will describe it as very useful. But a lot of people might not have heard of the ‘truemessenger’ app. Just like truecaller, truemessenger reveals the identity of the person who sent you a message even though you did not have the number of the person.

The app also has other functions such as helping you to block unwanted messages from your phone. It has a blacklist where you can put all those annoying numbers that disturb you throughout the day. The app in conjunction with its sister app serves over 150 million users globally.

How To Download Truemessenger App

To get the app and start using it just;

  • Go to play store for android or app store for IOS and search for Truecaller App
  • Download and Install the app, then register your number
  • After that, open the app and begin to use it. Automatically, it will start blocking spam and fraudulent messages

Truemessenger works by storing a large range of spammers, fraudulent and messages that are odd and helps you to filter them out. It also has some unique features like an alert tone form Avicii and advanced filtering options. Truemessenger is a really fantastic app and is surely worth your data. So download it and share with friends.

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