How To Cancel Hulu Subscription on the Web, iPhone and Android

If you have tried Hulu and you find out that it’s not for you, you can cancel your Hulu subscription within few minutes provided you follow the step-by-step instructions on how to cancel Hulu subscription in this article.

To cancel your Hulu subscription is pretty easy, though the steps are different depending on how you subscribed. We shall provide you with detailed information on how to go about canceling your Hulu subscription on any platform including on the web, on iPhone and Android.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription on the Web

The simplest and easiest ways to cancel your Hulu subscription is to go to The process of canceling Hulu on the web is outlined below.

  • Go to and select login in the top corner and log in.
  • Select your name in the top right corner. then select Account.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Cancel.
  • Select Continue to Cancel.
  • If you choose to cancel, Hulu will ask why you’re doing so. Choose the option that best explains your reason, then select Continue to Cancel.

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Note: Hulu will also offer to suspend your subscription temporarily and not charge you. Hulu works hard to keep you an active subscriber, so it will provide additional offers to keep you around. If you still want to cancel, select No, Cancel Subscription and your Hulu subscription will end.

How to Cancel Hulu on iPhone and Android

You can’t cancel Hulu on iPhone, but can on Android.

  • To cancel Hulu on Android:
  • Tap the app to launch it.
  • Tap the Account button.
  • Tap the Account menu.
  • Follow steps 5-8 in the instructions from the previous section.

If you subscribed to Hulu via iTunes, you can cancel from there.

Since, you manage your subscription through your Apple ID, not Hulu directly, follow these steps to cancel your subscription.

  1. Open iTunes and select the Account menu.
  2. Select View My Account.
  3. Log into your Apple ID, if prompted.
  4. On the Account Information screen, scroll down to the Settings section.
  5. Select Manage next to Subscriptions.
  6. Select Edit next to Hulu.
  7. Select Cancel Subscription.
  8. In the pop-up window, select Confirm. This cancels your subscription at the end of the current billing period.

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