How To Change Facebook Password in 5 Easy Steps – Change Password on Facebook

To Change Facebook Password is easy and simple. Facebook, as a social media is used by different people worldwide to communicate with family friends. allow you to send messages, videos, photos and also get updates continually.

It’s only with your Facebook login credentials (Username and Password) that you can use to access your Facebook account at any point in time. Also, you need to keep your Facebook account secured by using a strong password for your account.

If you feel you need to Change Facebook Password, we have provided you with the detailed step instruction guide to help you successfully Change your password on Facebook. Just follow the easy steps procedure below.

How to Change Facebook Password

In order to successfully change your Facebook password, follow the outlined steps below.

1. Login to your Facebook account, then click the down arrow at the top right corner of the Facebook page, and press on settings.Change Facebook Password

2. When you have click on your account settings, then you click on security and login.Change Facebook Password

3. Then you click on change password

Change Facebook Password

4. Once the page opens, type in your current password, new password, you will have to retype the new password

5. After that, you click on save changes. Then you have to log out and log in back to confirm if it has automatically changed to your new password.

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In the case that you’re logged in but have forgotten your password, then follow the steps below. Note that you’ll need access to the email associated with your account.

  • Press the down arrow at the top right corner of the page, then you click on the setting icon, next, click on security and login
  • Click the forgotten password
  • Now, type in your email or your mobile number associated with your account, so that Facebook can send you a code.
  • Once you receive the code, you then write the code in the space provided and click continue, then your account is ready for you to use.

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