How to Check Your Permanent Voter’s Card Status –

The 2019 National elections are just around the corner and it’s a chance where we get to exercise our civil rights again. But this wouldn’t be possible if you are yet to get the permanent voters card. The card is the ticket to cast vote and it shows your identity as a Nigerian and verifies your personality. The registration for the card has been on for a very long time and it’s going to end by August 31. But if you have already registered and you are waiting for your permanent voter’s card (PVC), then read this article for how to check your permanent voter’s card status in this article.

If you haven’t registered for the permanent voter card, you have to participate in the ongoing continuous voter’s registration. You can do this at any INEC designated center close to where you live. Click here to check where you can register.

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check your permanent voter's card status
However, if you have registered and were given a temporary voter’s card, you still need to go back and collect the permanent voter’s card. To do that we have listed the steps below;

Steps Guide To Check Your Permanent Voter’s Card Status

  1. If you have registered previously from 2011 to 2015, then you don’t need any further registration.
  2. Visit to access the INEC portal for checking.
  3. You will be provided with two options to check your status.
  4. You can use the voter’s identification number on your temporary voter’s card or your date of birth.
  5. Whichever one you choose; you will be provided with a form to fill. Enter all the accurate details and you will see if your PVC is ready or not.
  6. Proceed if it’s not, if it is, skip to the next step.
  7. Go to your local government secretariat and pick up the permanent voter’s card.

Once you are done and now have your permanent voter’s card, make sure to keep it with you until 16th of February 2019. The card can also serve as a means of identification for purposes like opening a bank account, cashing out a check and so on.

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