How To Clear E16 Error Code on DSTV – Fix E16, E30 and E32 Error Code on DSTV

Looking for how to fix common errors on your DStv device? then this article will help you to successfully clear E16 Error Code on DSTV and as well other error code on your DSTV. E16 error is a very common problem on DStv which may appear due to expired subscription or even on active subscriptions. We have provided you with the most convenient way to clear DSTV error code.

DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is one of the largest digital satellite TV services in Sub-Saharan Africa which was launched in 1995. Most of the channel content provided by DStv is based on movies, sports programs, news coverage, popular music, and religion topics. Currently, DStv has over 8 million subscribers.

If you are one of those the subscriber who encounter DSTV error messages especially when you have not tampered with the dish or settings or defaulted in any payments. Here you will see how to deal with this problem, as well walk you through the process to solve the DStv E16 error problem.

How To Clear E16 Error Code on DSTV

Without wasting any time, follow the steps given below and learn how to quickly clear DStv E16 error via SMS or by visiting DStv official website.

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To Fix E16 Error Code on DSTV Via SMS

Anytime you see E16 error showing on your screen, you can use your mobile phone to clear this problem on your DStv decoder. All you need do is to compose an SMS with a special code in it.

  1. Create a new SMS.
  2. Type RA and leave a space after it.
  3. Enter the first 10 digits of your Smart Card number.
  4. Finally, send the message to the shortcode 30333.

Example: RA 4896432774 to 30333.

To Clear DStv E16 Error on DStv Official Website

Another way you to solve E16 error is by visiting the DStv website with any device (computer, mobile phone) that is connected to the internet.

  • Open your smartphone or computer browser and visit DStv website or click on this link
  • Type in your smart card number in the space provided.Clear E16 Error Code on DSTV
  • Next, select the type of error you have.
  • After that, fill the auto-generated Captcha text to proceed.
  • Then, press the “Clear error'” button.

NOTE: Ensure that your Smartcard is inserted and your decoder is powered on when fixing errors.

That is it on how to Clear E16 Error Code on DSTV, it’s also the same process to clear E30 and E32 Error Code. As you can see, it is completely free of charge. Remember to share this article with friends and family to help them fix E16 error on their DStv.

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