How To Copy & Transfer Your AT&T Contact at

AT&T has provided you with the Copy and Transfer Contacts Service at By visiting this service center, you will be able to copy and transfer all your contacts from your old phone to your new phone. It is very easy and convenient to copy and transfer your contacts from one phone to another, provided you follow the detailed step-by-step guide instruction in this article.

Step Guide To Copy & Transfer Your AT&T Contact

Follow the step by step guide below to get started.

  • Open your device browser and go to
    Once the page open, select the phone you’ll copy from, i.e the brand and model of your current phone.
  • Now, select the new phone you want to transfer to, also including the brand and model of your new phone.
    Once done, choose the method you’d like to use to copy and transfer contacts, either via AT&T Mobile Transfer App or Store/Manual.
  • If you choose to transfer via AT&T Mobile Transfer App, download this App and follow the instructions to complete the copy and transfer process.
  • If you choose “Store/Manual”, then go to visit an AT&T store or Device Support Center (DSC) at

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How To Use AT&T Mobile Transfer App

First, you need to download the AT&T Mobile Transfer App which is available for iOS, Andriod and Windows phone. Then follow the instructions below.

1. Connect your old phone and the new phone to your Wi-Fi network. Then open up the AT&T Mobile Transfer app.

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2. On your old phone: “From this phone” will pop up on the screen. Select it and follow the steps until you see a barcode code. You’ll need it to make the transfer.

3. On your new phone: when “To this phone” shows up on your screen, select it and follow the steps until you see a barcode reader.

4. Scan the code on your old phone with the code reader on your new phone. This links both devices. Now follow the steps to transfer your information successfully.

NOTE: It’s a quick and easy if you’re switching between iPhone and Android. Also, AT&T Mobile Transfer App is a great data transfer alternative to iCloud and Google Backup.

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