How To Download YouTube Video On Android and iPhone

How to download YouTube Video – YouTube is a video sharing website where you can upload videos, watch videos, and even comment on other people’s videos. Can you believe with me that some times you watch a video on YouTube. Next thing that comes to your mind is that, i want to have this video on my device. But you were unable to download it on your mobile phone.

Recently, i discovered that after watching videos on Youtube, i can download it on my smart phone, and watch it again any time i feel like. Now you will also learn the same process on how to download YouTube Video on your device. I will be giving you the steps you need to take in order to download a YouTube video. So you will have it direct to your Mobile device of any type, be it Android or iPhone.

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The only thing required from you is to make sure you have a good and steady internet connection. However at the end of the simple steps you will see here, you will basically learn how to download YouTube video without any software free.

Steps on How to download YouTube Video

1. Go to Youtube and select any video you want to download and copy the URL address.

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2. Now open

3. Enter the URL address of the webpage you want to download from into the field on the top of the page.

4.Click the “Download” button on the right of the page and you will get the list containing all available links.

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5. Choose any format you want it to be downloaded.

6. Now that you have selected your desired file quality, click on download and wait for the file download to start.

7. Now you need to select the file location in your mobile device, on which you want to save the YouTube video and click save.

Your download will start immediately, and once the file is downloaded, you can then go back to your video gallery to watch the video.

Now that you are done, You can see that downloading YouTube video is really a very Simple thing to do.

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