How to Edit Pictures on your Phone Using Canva Photo Editor

Canva photo editor
Canva Photo Editor is for writers, graphic designers, bloggers and every other online professional. Editing of pictures can be essential. Most times, it makes your work colorful and interesting to look at. For this purpose, there are several programs that can be installed on your laptop to do this for you efficiently, but carrying your laptop around can be quite stressful sometimes. This is why you need to use the portability of your phone to your advantage.

There is an application that is compatible with both android and ios devices that allows you to edit images to suit your needs. The app, which is called canva, is a very easy-to-use app and does not require any level of professionalism. Although canva has a PC version, it also has a very mobile-compatible version that should run on a lot of recent smartphones.

The app allows you to edit the background of your photos, change the brightness, reduce intensity, adjust contrast and do a lot of other stuff that would definitely make your photo look splendid.

Canva photo editor
To download Canva Photo Editor App;

  • Go to Google play store for android and app store for IOS devices
  • Search for canva and download the app
  • Install it on your device and open the app.

After downloading the app, you are ready to upload any picture and edit it to attach what you want. The app comes with a lot of tools such as crop tool, picture template and all of the other exciting tools.

How To Use Canva Photo Editor

To use the app here is a little tutorial;

  • Open the canva app on your device and sign up as a new user, after signing up you will be required to login in with your credentials.
  • The app contains a lot of templates that you can use for various social media (Instagram, Facebook, and others).
  • Choose the one that you prefer, and you will see a lot of options, while some of them are for paid users, you can still find a lot of free ones.
  • You will see various tools, like filters, edit text, and edit images, you the one you want to edit your picture.
  • You can upload directly to your social media page after editing or just simply save it on your phone.
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Canva makes designing very easy, and you don’t need any professional course to start using the app. So download it now and enjoy.

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