How To Increase Downloading Speed In Your Android Device

Is the downloading speed on your device too slow? do you know that you can increase Downloading Speed in your Android Device. Here in this article is a proven way in which you can follow to increase your Android phone downloading speed. This application increases the downloading speed 7 times of what it was before.

The application is known as Advanced Download Manager (ADM). This application software is a strong download enhancer for Android devices. It simply increases the downloading speed on your Android phone.

What’s good about Advanced Download Manager (ADM)?

The striking feature this application has is the ability to pause and resume your download anytime. Asides the fact that it runs on a super speed level, it can also download five files at the same speed and simultaneously.

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Below are the distinctive features of ADM, Onlinepluz has gathered for you.

Distinctive features of Advanced Download Manager Pro

» Downloads more than three files at the same time
» Resumes the download even after the re-connection or the phone restart
» Saves different file types in different folders
» Accelerated download by using multithreading
» it leaves the icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel
» Backups list of downloads and settings on SD card
» Built-in browser for sites with registration;
» Plan files download on a schedule;
» No ads and much more.

You can proceed to download the ADM for your android device on Google play store.

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