How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Phone

With so many things to do with a mobile device, it is increasingly becoming difficult to keep hones on without carrying an external power source or continue charging it. There are however ways in which the battery consumption of your mobile device can be rescued such that it stays on longer. This article has listed some of the things that you can do to help you increase the battery life of your phone.

Every smartphone has apps and while the phone is locked, some of these apps are running in the background. Also, the data connection can cause the battery to drain faster. All these things need to be considered in order to save the battery of your mobile device.

increase the battery life of your phone

Steps to Increase the Battery Life of your Phone

  • Change your wallpaper

As unnecessary as this may seem, wallpaper actually consumes your battery. The use of wallpapers with different color takes more power to light up than a dark one. So one of the ways to make sure that the display isn’t taking up much of your battery life is to use, dark wallpapers.

  • Reduce screen brightness

Lower screen lights help to save more power, so reduce your screen brightness to make sure that the lights are not exhausting your battery.

  • Close apps before locking
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Before locking your phone or while the phone is idle, make sure that no app is running. Some Android phone opens up this list by double tapping the home button, while some have a special button for it. You can swipe the apps left or just select clear on an android phone and swipe up on an IOS device.

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  • Avoid push notifications.

When your phone receives a message, it lights up and if it has led light it starts to blink. The phone also vibrates and make some sounds. This can contribute to your battery running down fast. So make sure that you go to your phone settings and turn it off.

  • Switch off location services

Location services come with a phone and it comes on automatically sometimes. You can, however, switch it off when you go to your phone settings. So go to <settings>, select <location>, and turn off any automatic location services.

With this steps, you can save your battery for a few hours or minutes. The best thing to do however is to buy a phone that has been tested and trusted for having a prolonged battery life.

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