4 Best Way To Keep Your Phone Secure

Phones, just like any other digital device are prone to be hacked or have their security breached, this can be very disastrous for the owner especially if you have sensitive files on the phone. This is why it is very important to make sure that your phone is well-secured and immune to any form of security breach.

Keeping your phone secure is quite easy and once you read this tutorial, you can do it yourself without requiring any costly assistance. There are four tips in this articles and you may choose one or use all of them, according to how they match your needs.

4 Best Way To Keep Your Phone Secure

Here are the tips to help you keep your phone secure;

keep your phone secure

(1). Always keep your phone locked

Whenever you are not using your phone, make sure that the security is activated immediately. The security of different phone varies, so while yours might be using a fingerprint scan another phone might have a facial recognition feature for unlocking. No matter the one your phone comes with, just make sure that it is activated.

Note; in case of pin or password, never disclose to anyone.

keep your phone secure

(2). Encrypt sensitive files

When you have very sensitive files on your phone that might be very valuable, even in the wrong hands. Make sure to encrypt it. To do this simply follow these steps;

  • Go to settings and select backup
  • After backing up data, charge your phone till it is 100% and then setup screen lock.
  • Then go to Security in Settings and scroll down to ‘Encryption’. Select ‘Encrypt’ and patiently read through the instructions.
  • The encryption process can take up to an hour but your phone notifies you when it is done.

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(3). Use antivirus

There are several antivirus that you can use to make sure that there are no viruses on your phone. The only thing is that make sure that you are careful not to download antivirus application from the wrong source. So preferably use your phone application store.

(4). Buy a known brand

When choosing a phone make sure that you select a phone that has been tested and trusted. This is because some phones in the market have a very low-security level which can easily lead to data loss. So even when you need to be on a budget, make sure you get a moderately popular phone.

This tips will help keep your piece information and data out of the wrong hands. So use them and stay safe.

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