How To Locate Your Lost iPhone Using ‘Find my iPhone’

Losing a phone can be very devastating for many reasons. Apart from the fact that they are precious to you and you might have gotten them an exorbitant price, you must have also stored a lot of data that might be irretrievable on it. Things like contact number, messages, pictures, and even presentations might well be on the phone storage. It becomes, even more, agonizing with an iPhone, but that’s what we are here for. in this article we are going to walk you through how to find your lost iPhone with “find my iPhone”

To use the instruction that has been listed here, you have to first make sure that “find my iPhone” service is available on your phone. The service must have also been set up before you lost your phone. If you have formerly fulfilled all this requirement then proceed to on your web browser. You can also use ‘find my iPhone’ that have been installed on another device to perform this operation, however, the instructions listed here work for the web browser;

find your lost iPhone with

How to find your lost iPhone with “Find my iPhone”

  • Open your browser and log in to iCloud services using the account you used to set up Find my iPhone. It is likely to be the same you used for iTunes account.
  • Select find iPhone under the web-based tools by iCloud. The site immediately starts to locate all the devices that you have it activated on. It also keeps updating you as the scan go on.
  • To select the specific device, you are looking for, click on the screen and select the device you are looking for.find my iPhone
  • You will be notified immediately your phone is located, there will be a green dot to show you exactly where it is.
  • You can use the zoom button to zoom in and out of the map. There are also various views that you can select, like standard, satellite and hybrid modes, just like google maps.
  • After finding your phone, there is a window that appears at the corner of your screen that allows you to see information on your phone, such as the battery and other options.find my iPhone
  • You can select various options to remotely control the phone like play sound, lock the phone or put it in lost mode.
  • If the phone is too far and you feel you won’t be able to get it back, you can erase the phone by clicking the ‘erase’ button.

Find my iPhone service is very effective in getting lost iPhone back, But it might not work if the phone is low on battery, isn’t connected to the internet or has its location services disabled. That’s how easy it is to find your lost iPhone at any point in time.

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