How To Prevent Hair Loss, Remedies To Stop Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss – Hair loss is a very common condition and it affects most people at sometime in their lives. Hair loss is also known as galopecia. It has different multiple causes like severe stress or illness, pollution, mineral deficiency, medications and genetics.

Mostly women suffer from hair loss but up to one third populations suffer from hair loss. There is no assurance that you can prevent hair loss caused by genetics or hair loss caused by factors that you cannot control but you can do the best for your hair to helpĀ keep it on your head for as long as possible.

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Ways On How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss,

Here are different ways to stop and prevent hair loss:

  • Limit The Use Of Hair Dryers

Drying and heating the hair constantly makes the hair to be fragile and brittle. This is because heat weakens hair protein, other devices like hair strengtheners, hot brush, hair curlers can also can also have this effect.

  • Reduce The Use Of Dyes And Other Chemicals

Constant use of hair chemicals like coloring chemicals can cause serious damage to the hair. Do not color your hair more often than every four to six weeks.

  • Do Not Bleach Your Hair

When the hair is bleached the cuticles are penetrated by chemicals and this makes the hair weaker and fragile and this brings about hairĀ loss.

  • Do Not Pull Your Hair Too Tight

If you do hairstyles that require tight pulling of the hair frequently, this can cause hair loss. Example tight ponytails, tight braids and plaits can lead to hair losse if done daily. Traction alopecia is the name given to hair loss due to hairstyles.

  • Choose And Use A Good Shampoo

Choose a suitable hair shampoo for your hair type (dry, greasy, fine) because using the right shampoo for your hair helps you have a healthy hair. But if you have dandruff or you color your hair find a shampoo that is suitable for it.

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  • Use A Good Hair Brush

This is as important as any other factor, go for a soft brush made from natural fiber. Do not brush from top to bottom but from underside out. And it is better to brush your hair when it is wet.

  • Go For A Medical Help

Know when to seek medical help, it is very important to know when your hairs loss is a medical problem and then you go to a doctor.

  • Onion Juice

This is one of the oldest ways to enhance hair growth this is because it contains sulphur that helps in the re-growth of hair. It really help to prevent hair loss.


Caring for your hairs is very important, Once you follow these remedies, it will go a long way to Prevent Hair Loss. We love to hear your thought, kindly write to us using the comment box below. Also, help us and share this post for others to know how to prevent hair loss.

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