How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter | Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter: Power holding company of Nigeria(PHCN) introduced the prepaid meter which was meant to replace the post-payment meter, since the introduction of the prepaid meter over 4 million Nigerians still awaits the prepayment meter.

Notwithstanding, 3 out of 10 homes in Nigeria use the prepayment meter. Now, this article will show you how to recharge Phcn prepaid meter using various methods. Also, you will be guided on the process to buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online.

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter | Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

One can recharge the prepayment meter in various ways, this include recharging your prepaid meter with pin code and recharging your prepaid meter using smart card.


How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter 

  • Recharging Your Prepayment Meter With Pin Code

This entails paying for credit at PHCN office, at the bank or any other authorized outlet in Nigeria, you can also buy credit online. When you have purchased your credit, load your credit into the electronic prepayment meter using your PIN codes. This is an easy way to recharge PHCN prepaid meter without stress.

The pin codes come in the form of SMS or scratch card, open the card door of your monitor unit. Then insert your meter smart card, use the keypad on your monitor unit to enter pin codes, press enter. You can either use the navigation key and the delete key to edit the pin code if you make a mistake.

  • Recharging Your Prepayment Meter Using Smart Card

Another means to recharge PHCN prepaid meter is with smart card. PHCN provides smart card to energy users. To be able to make use the smart card given to you by the PHCN office, you have to firstly configure the card.

Once you have you have configured your smart card, you can use it to recharge your prepaid meter. You can easily do this by taking your smart card to the PHCN to buy the amount of credit you want using the power vending machine.

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter Using Smart Card

Open the card door of your monitor unit, insert your smart card properly, you will see  this  “—“.,this simply means that the credit loading is incomplete, once your credit loading is complete you will see the updated credit level on you LCD screen.

How To Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

Take the below mentioned steps in other to complete and Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online.

Steps To Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

  • Connect your internet enabled device to the internet example your laptop, phone.
  • Launch the mobile app or go to your bank official page.
  • Login to your account
  • click on “PAY BILLS”
  • Click on ” PHCN”
  • Enter the amount you are purchasing, enter your meter number.
  • Enter any OTP(online transaction password) necessary
  • Confirm the transaction and enter the correct number on your online transaction token.

You will receive an email message or an SMS confirming your transaction. The meter token is sent to your phone number or email, then you can load the token into your prepaid meter.

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