How to Save Data on Laptop – Prevent your Laptop from Draining Data

how to save data on laptop
There are times when you don’t have too much data but need to get something done on your laptop with the help of the internet. This can be very unhealthy for your data as most programs on your laptop have been programmed to update automatically. This article will give you tips on how to Save Data on Laptop.

There are ways that you can still use your phone hotspot without draining too much data. There are different techniques you can use, and all of them have been highlighted for you here.

How to Save Data on Laptop

  • Turn off Background Intelligent Services

When you are browsing with your laptop, several background applications are consuming your data. So just open your task manager, click on services and turn off your background intelligent services (BITS)

how to save data on laptop

  • Turn off Automatic Windows Update

Updates are usually set to download automatically, especially on Windows 10, and this might really drain your data. (Imagine having 3gb, and an app of 2gb is updating). So to prevent this from happening just set your connection as a metered network

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings
  • Select the network you are connected to and set to metered connection.

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  • Turn on Power Saver on Web Browsing

Ads and pop-ups can be pretty annoying and not only because they disturb you from smoothly surfing the internet, but also because they drain your data. So to prevent this type of unwanted pages or advertisement just;

  • Use a browser that uses a compressing proxy feature.
  • Use browsers that offer data saving ad-ons.
  • Or you can use opera browser and turn on the turbo mode.

All these settings can be pretty effective when it comes to saving your data and making sure that you can still browse on your laptop with limited data. So follow the directions and enjoy browsing without worrying about data consuming apps or adverts.

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