How To Solve Your One-time Password Problem

one-time password
Technology has caused series of advancement in our world and it has also made life much easier than it used to be. One of the things technology has positively contributed to the society is internet banking. Internet banking saves you the stress of going to the bank and joining long queue just to withdraw or transfer a small or large amount of money. But there are also security threats to internet banking and to deal with this threat a security measure called one-time password was introduced.

One time password or as it is called, OTP, is a service generated by safetoken. It allows the user to transact online more securely by generating random password sent to the user’s device and creating a time limit for that password to be used. This makes it impossible for another person to use your ATM card to purchase goods or services online even if they know your password.

The steps before OTP, are usually the requiring of all the information on your ATM card. This will include your card number, your expiry date, and CVV2. After filling out all these information, a message containing your one-time password will be sent to you for the needed verification.


If you are new to internet banking, it is simply easy to register for the one time password. To do it;

  • Go to the nearest ATM and input your four-digit pin.
  • Select your account type and choose “quickteller” from the next window.
  • Choose “pay bills” and then select others.
  • Input “322222” as biller’s code and enter your phone number as billers reference number. You will get a display that will ask “do you want to make this payment?”
  • Leave the amount to be paid as it is and click on pay amount due (N1)
  • You will get a confirmation to see that the registration was successful.

You can now start receiving OTP for performing online transactions. If you still have problems getting OTP after this then send an email to [email protected] for help.

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