How to Start Facebook Live Streaming – FB Live Streaming Guide

Since the introduction of Facebook Live Streaming, it has become very popular. This functionality allows users to broadcast from their mobile devices straight to their Facebook News Feed. It’s extremely easy to start live streaming on Facebook. So, if you really want to know how to start Facebook Live Streaming, just follow the easy guidelines provided in this article.

In order to start your FB Live Streaming, you must have an active Facebook account. In case you want to create a new Facebook account, just follow the guide on our previous post on how to create new Facebook account fast.

Now, before you can gain access to your Facebook account, you need to login to your Facebook account first. Just launch your browser and proceed to the Facebook main webpage and then carry out the Facebook sign in procedure. Only enter your email address in the first field and password in the second field, then click on the “Log in” button.

How to Start Facebook Live Streaming

1. Once you login to your Facebook account, at the top of the posting field, you will see the following sections: Make Post, Photo/Video Album, and Live Video. Just click on the last option, which is Live Video, to start Live streaming on Facebook.Start Facebook Live Streaming

2. After you click on the Live Video option, your browser will pop up a notice, requesting you to give permission to your microphone and camera. Just click on the “Allow” button.

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3. Next, you will now have to configure the settings of your stream. You have to decide whether it will be a private or a public stream.Start Facebook Live Streaming

4. After configuring the setting, then add a description or write something in the post.

5. Give your stream a title.

6. Once you are ready to start streaming, then click on the “ Go Live” button.Start Facebook Live Streaming

As soon as you start, all your friends who did turn off their notifications about live streams will immediately get notifications about your stream.

How do you join Facebook live?

If your friend is Live on Facebook, or you want to join someone’s Live video broadcast, the host of the broadcast you are watching must invite you to go live with them. Once you receive an invitation, kindly tap Go Live to join the broadcast. Anytime you want to leave the broadcast, all you have to do is just Tap the window you appear in to leave the broadcast.

That is all about how you can Start Facebook Live Streaming, if you have any further question regarding how to start live streaming on Facebook use the comment section below, as we shall help you out immediately we see your comment. Also, remember to share this post on your favourite social media.

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