How To Stop ‘No Command’ Problem On Android Device

How To Solve ‘No Command’ Problem On Android Device

How To Stop ‘No Command’ Problem On Android Device

Android devices are quite feeble and can develop some confrontational problem. The problem of “No Command” happens randomly to most Android users. Most especially this happens when we run an update in our device to a latest operating system. The “no command” experience becomes our favorite problem.

This is usually caused by the super user, when its access has been canceled or denied mostly during the installation process of app store or OS update.

How To Stop ‘No Command’ Problem On Android Device

First, turn off your device and hold the Volume Up button for about 15 seconds and then tap the power button.  This really works but it’s somehow difficult to get when trying it for the first time. It will display some more options among which you’ll see reboot system now.

Simply click on the option;  reboot system now, and your device will start working normal again.

If you can’t get out of recovery mode Follow these options strictly;

  • Start by putting off your device
  • Press the down volume up button then at the same time press and hold the Home button, also press and hold power button. Note: Do not let go of the buttons and hold them at the same time. Then proceed to next steps, and don’t let go still!
  • As soon as the phone restarts, Release the volume up button together with the Home screen button and power On button.
  • A white  logo disappears then your device begins to enter recovery mode and you will see blue and yellow small text.

You will see 5 options:

  1.  reboot system now
  2. apply sd
  3. wipe data/factory data reset
  4. wipe cache partition
  5. format internal sd-card
  6. using volume down
  • scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset” then press the Home button to select.
  • on the next screen select “Yes – delete all user data” by scrolling down using volume down button then press the Home button to select
  • on the next screen press the Home button to select “reboot system now”
  • phone will automatically reboot itself.

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