How to Turn-off App Notifications on Your Phone

Notifications can be very annoying especially when your phone is set on a profile that rings or vibrate. The most agitating time can be when you put on your network connection after a long time of putting it off, that continuous ‘ding’ can cause you a headache. But there is an easy way to avoid all this stress. So, by the time you finish reading this article, you would have known how to turn-off app notifications on your phone.

There are apps that brings pop-up notifications and might not be very important. For some of these apps, you can go to the settings in the application and switch off notifications. But if that doesn’t work, then there is a general way that does and this can help you easily control the notifications that you don’t want to see.

Step Guide To Turn-off App Notifications On Your Phone

  • Open your phone and go to settings.
  • Look for the ‘app’ and open it.
  • Look for the application that has been disturbing you and tap it to open its options.
  • The settings might be different for some phone, but you should see a button that is inscribed “turn-off notification” or its equivalent. Tap it to turn off the notifications of that app.
  • You can follow the step above for all the app that you don’t want to see notifications for. And trust me, you wouldn’t have to worry about them disturbing you again.

turn-off app notifications on your phone

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That’s how simple it is to turn-off app notifications on your phone. With that, you have your peace and it even helps you to save battery since your notification bar would be lighter and your LED light wouldn’t blink too much.

Note that the settings are different for all phones, so if your phone doesn’t have these settings, just navigate the settings and check places like “storage” or “device”.

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