How To Use Android Apps On PC With Bluestacks

Owning a laptop comes with a lot of advantage and not only can it serve as your mobile office, it can also be a source of much fun and entertainment. Every PC comes with some pre-installed application but the user can also get other programs that suit his need and install them.

One of the programs that can successfully run on your PC and allows you have the interface of an Android device right there on your laptop is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a program that functions like an android emulator. The program allows you to use all the apps on your phone on your PC also. There are also games that will work on the emulator, allowing you to have all the fun that you can have on your phone on your laptop also.

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Bluestacks is a Free-to-use program and comes with Google play store.  It works on both windows and IOS systems.


To install Bluestacks on Windows 10;

  • Go to
  • Click the ‘download’ button to download the installer.
  • After the installer has been successfully downloaded, open it to begin the installation process.
  • Accept terms and conditions by clicking the ‘next’ button.
  • Choose your installations location to the one that best fits your laptop, It will install faster if app store access and application communication are available.
  • Click the install button to start the process, it might take a few minutes.
  • Select finish and the app will automatically open.


For MacBook;

  • Make sure that you have a MacBook with at least 4GB ram and has OS sierra or higher.
  • Visit
  • Double-click the bluestacks installer to start the installation.
  • Click on continue to proceed.
  • If you get a system extension block pop-up just click on open security preferences and select allow.
  • The program will be installed and you can enjoy all the apks you want ion your MacBook.

Blustacks allow you to use dual OS so you can be versatile and instead of moving with too many devices, you can just be free to enjoy your freedom.

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