The cost of setting up security cameras around the house might be a bit on the high side, and this will also include all the tech product that you will have to buy. But sometimes the size and area of the house might make setting up security cams seem a bit unneedful. That is why we have written a whole tutorial to teach you how to use your phone as an alternative to a security camera.

Phones have advanced in the last few years, and one of the features that came with this advancement is the fact that most phones (especially android) now have a front camera that can be used as a webcam. This is the feature that makes it suitable to perform the duty of a security camera.

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So to use your phone as a security camera, it will need to have enough bandwidth to stream videos, a power source and a good camera.


To use your android phone as security camera;

  • First, Download Ipwebcam from Google play store
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Scroll down to ‘start server’ to start streaming.
  • Now place the mobile covering at the area that you want to stream.

To view the stream

  • Sign into You can also download the app on play store.
  • Go to the Ipwebcam app and select the option to link your Ivideon account.
  • Open the site of Ivideon and log in.
  • Click on the video thumbnail to view the live video from your mobile.

To Use Your iPhone as Security Camera:

With Manything App, which is a free App from the App Store, once downloaded, you can use your iPhone as a security camera.

  • First, Download Manything from the App Store on your iOS devices.
  • Once downloaded, open your phone Settings and disable Auto-Lock under General.
  • Next, register or sign in to Manything using a valid email address or Facebook account.
  • Now, select Camera mode with the old iOS device and Viewer mode for the new device.
  • Kindly press the red button on the camera device to start the live stream.
  • To view the live stream video, go to the list of streaming devices. You can as well view the stream from a computer by signing in at

With that, you can use your phone as an alternative to webcam or security camera. So enjoy and don’t forget to share with friends.

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