Image of Ebola Survivors – What they Look Like


Image of Ebola Survivors – What they Look Like

Since the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, many people has died of this deadly virus, and some few have survive from this virus. Here are some image of those that survive from the Ebola Virus, What they look like and how their contacted the Ebola Virus.

Image of Ebola Survivors – What their Look Like



Mohammed Bah, 39 years old, said he lost his wife, mother and sister to Ebola. He also said that he spent a week at the MSF center recovering from the disease.

“I have been rejected by everyone, I’m alone with my two children,” he said.



Ami Subah a 39-year-old midwife, said she thinks she caught Ebola when she delivered a baby boy from a sick mother.”The boy survived but the mother died, due to the stigma of Ebola, i have not had work since my recovery, Nobody will even let me draw water from the community well,” she said.



Survivor Moses Lansanah, 30 years-old, said that he lost his pregnant fiance, Amifete who was 9 months pregnant with his child when she died of Ebola.



Tamah Mulbah 28 years old, with his son James Mulbah, 2 years old, who also recovered from Ebola in the low risk section of the Doctors without Border Ebola treatment center in Paynesville, Liberia.


Image of Ebola Survivors – What they Look Like



Eric Forkpa , a 23 years old collage student in civil engineering, said that he thinks he caught Ebola while he was caring for his sick uncle, who died of the disease. He spent 18 days at the MSF center recovering from the virus.



Anthony Naileh, 46, and his wife Bendu Naileh, 34 years old, said that heis a stenographer at the Liberian Senate and plans to go back to work for thejanuary session. Bendu, a nurse, said she contacted the Virus after laying her hands in prayer on a nephew who had disease in August.



John Massani , 27 years old, said that Ebola killed 6 members of his extended family and he thinks that he contracted the disease while caring for his family members.

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