Importance Of Moral Orientation For Students

Importance Of Moral Orientation For Students

It is quite appalling that the freshmen students of different universities are lacking the necessary knowledge that guides them academically, administratively and socially.

This is a common error portrayed in most Nigerian universities.

Even when the school ultimately organizes an “orientation day”, the students are still lacking some necessary knowledge they should know. The confusion and uncertainty on the faces of the innocent freshman students is apparent as soon as they stumble into your office.

Importance Of Moral Orientation For Students

The first utterance of the confused Freshman as he enters your office is like one who tries not to becloud his pathetic anxiety and fear. “Good morning Ma, please are you Mr Smart.?” Meanwhile in the intervening time, he is addressing a woman.

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Also in his foolishness he may inquire like this, “ I would like to know if you are Mr Smart? ” other instances exists in the minds of several students with regards to their knowledge of various important areas in the school.

Imagine a student looking for the Registrar’s office in the Faculty of science building. Or a theatre art student looking for his head of Department in the Department of History block.

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I cannot exempt the confusion and ignorance that covers the registration process of most freshman students which is compounded by the bleakness of the staff operators. On several instances, the student is continuously tossed from his department to the library, then to the faculty, and back to his department, then to the registry and it goes on like that.

When a student finally undergoes this stress, he/ she is so confused and tired, he rounds up for that day and the same headache continues the next day.

Moral orientation should therefore move into accustoming the students both freshmen and old with key university laws, areas and departmental and faculty rules and regulations. They should all be familiar with paramount areas and venue of the university.

Proper indoctrination should be tendered to the students into adapting into standard academic and social procedures. When this is achieved, the students stand greater chances of growing up appropriately. In future, this helps reduce the frustration and confusion that normally arise during this registration process and locating offices.

The orientation should be carried out and organized in a smooth, articulate manner to aid uncomplicated understanding instead of the rigid and confused way it is usually done.

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