Injustice Served As Six Month Old Baby Rapi**t Strives To Go Free

A six month old baby, Khadija Bashir falls victim to insane couples, who se**ually abuse her because of what they were told that it would earn them a child. These senseless couples are their neighbors and close friend.

Six month old baby

These married couples were faced with issues of child birth and were told according to reports that they would get a child by sleeping with their neighbors six year old baby girl.

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So, to this effect, the wife pins the baby to the floor while her husband engages in such devilish act. The baby was rushed to Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital, Kano where is undergoing serious medical treatment including undergoing some surgical operations.

The case is presently in the hands of the High Court and the accused hired 10 lawyers to defend him. Indeed, it is a strong battle between the two individuals.

This is undeniably wicked and should not be accepted.

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