Interesting Facts About Easter That You Really Need To Know

Easter celebration comes off every year’s spring, taking over a whole four days all to itself. Here we will like to share with you interesting facts about Easter that have never crossed your mind.Interesting Facts About Easter

Easter is been celebrated by Christian worldwide, and it has its unique peculiarities which have been a source of puzzle to many, even you!

Interesting Facts About Easter Which You Really Need To Know

1. Origin of Easter.

Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, during Easter. He is the founder of the religious group, Christianity, who was crucified and buried in a tomb, but rose up again on the third day.

According to history, Christians celebrate Easter within the month ‘Eosturmonath’ in Old English which refers to the goddess of spring and fertility ‘Eostre’. That was how the name Easter came about.

2. Easter Symbols.

Interesting Facts About Easter

The original symbols of Easter is the cross and the empty tomb which represents the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection respectively.

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3. Easter is the Oldest Christian Holiday.

According to record, Easter is recorded the oldest Christian holiday around the world. It is also ranked by many as the best holiday, while considering its length, the time of the year it falls, and the goodies that come with the celebrations.

Interesting Facts About Easter

4. Why Do Easter Dates Change Every Year.

Easter date is normally determined by the Lunar calendar which is based on the phases of the moon. The date is fixed based on the fullness of the moon – usually the first Sunday after the first appearance of the full moon.

The reason why Easter falls on Sunday, follow the appearance of the first full moon. Which was reached by a Council of Christian Bishops as far back as AD 325 during the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine I.

5. The Significant Days Leading up to Easter

  • Lent: This is the forty days preceding Easter which stands as a memorial of Jesus’ fasting in the wilderness for forty day. It is a period Christians try to give up negative activities in their lives. Also, devoted Catholics are not expected to eat meat and other pleasurable foods.
  • Ash Wednesday: This is the first day of the lent season. Parishioners receive a mark of the cross on their foreheads from their priests during a church service. The mark represents repentance from sin and it’s gotten from burnt old palms leaves left of the previous year’s Palm Sunday.
  • Palm Sunday: This is the first day of the Holy week. Christians commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on a colt’s back, ahead of his crucifixion. The name originated from the palm branches that people laid on the streets for Jesus to ride on then.
  • Holy Thursday: It precedes the day Jesus was crucified. It is otherwise known as Maundy Thursday because of the practice of English Monarchs to give away specially minted coins in a public ceremony on that day.
  • Good Friday: It is the day that Jesus died after being nailed to the cross (crucified). It is called good Friday because his death brought manifold goodness to mankind, seeing that he died for the sins of all.
  • Holy Saturday: It is the day after Jesus’ crucifixion. It is a day of solemn and sober reflection as Jesus is believed to lie low in the grave.
  • Easter Sunday: The day that Christ rose from the dead. Christians celebrate his resurrection as an emancipation from sin and eternal damnation.

What other interesting facts about Easter do you know apart from the above? Please kindly share with friends by using the comment box bellow.

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