iPhone 8 & iPhone 8Plus Specs – Wireless Charging Proficiency!

Apple just dropped iPhone 8 & iPhone 8Plus with amazing capabilities, colours and features. Here in this article are the specifications and prices for this phone.

Although the iPhone 7 and 7plus looks a lot like this recently unveiled phone, the iPhone 8 and 8plus has a glassy back cover. iPhone 8 has a single camera while the 8plus has two.

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iPhone 8 & iPhone 8Plus Specs

The thrilling feature about this newly launched phone is its wireless charging and water/dust resistance. It has a new retina HD display. It adopts smoothly to ambient light too!

If you’re the flashy type with a handsome pocket, you should probably try this phone. It’s out for you.

The iPhone 8 model  now supports wireless charging. It should work with many third-party wireless chargers as Apple is using a common standard.

iPhone 8 & iPhone 8Plus Specs

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are automated by A11 Bionic SoC six-core processors. They both have improved GPU.   The new SoC and GPU are able to perform complex tasks such as video encoding at speedy  rate. Also the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has improved cameras, 12MP single camera for iPhone 8 while iPhone 8 Plus comes with dual 12MP rear camera.

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iPhone 8 Prices

The iPhone 8 is starting at $699 while the iPhone 8 Plus is sold at $799 . See the specifications of these phone below!

Specifications of iPhone 8

Display: 4.70-inch

Processor: quad-core

Resolution:750×1330 pixels

Front Camera: 7MP

Rear Camera; 12MP

Ram: 2GB

Storage: 64GB

Specifications of iPhone 8 Plus

Display: 5.50-inch

Processor: quad-core

Front Camera: 7MP

Rear Camera: 12MP

Resolution: 1080×1920

OS: iOS11

Storage: 64GB

Ram: 3GB

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