Justin Bieber’s Launches His Pink Sapphire Grill Worth $15,000

Justin Bieber’s Launches His Pink Sapphire Grill.

Beibs New Grill

It’s obviously never late to give himself a pleasant treat. Justin Bieber, a 23 year old vibrant star brings to light his latest supplement in form of a beautiful pink sapphire grill worth $15,000.


The popular Musician  acquires a new pulsating mouth piece from a Gold teeth Gold who was said to have created the grill in five days. He has launched a grill before anyway, but this one is the most attracting, eye catching and stunning of all.

According to some sources, he purchased this beautiful new accessory at Miami by an LA-based jeweler. Celebrities are mad with grills and can’t seem to be satisfied with one.

Justin Bieber’s Launches His Pink Sapphire Grill

The grill is in a quantity of pink sapphire and rose gold, joined with six teeth on top and bottom, it extends to six carats of sapphire. Justin poses for a short clip and social media pictures in over-sized white mesh t-shirt on social media displaying his new beaut.

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