Kuwait Visa Requirements For Nigerians And How To Apply

If you are looking forward to applying for Kuwait Visa, here is detailed information you need to know including Kuwait Visa Requirements and how you can apply for Kuwait Visa and get approved. Also, to know which kind of visa you should apply for when traveling to Kuwait, we shall explain to you the various types of Kuwait Visa on this page.

Types of Kuwait Visas

Kuwait offers several types of visas, this depends on the purpose of your travel. If you want to go to Kuwait, you have to first know what type of visa you need. Types of Kuwait Visas include:

  • Transit Visa

This type of Visa is issued to persons who to go through Kuwait to another country, and it’s valid for at most 7 days from the date of issuance. Also, the applicant must show his/her visa to the next country before the Transit visa will be issued to them.

  • Visit Visa

This Kuwait visit visa is given to two categories of people including:

  1. Persons with business intents.
  2. Those who intend to visit relatives in Kuwait.

Furthermore, sponsorship by a Kuwait company is needed by the applicant for business purposes. While invitation letter from relatives in Kuwait is needed by persons visiting relatives.

Multiple entry visit visas allow applicants to gain entry into Kuwait for a number of times within a year.

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  • Residence Visa

This is issued to persons who want to live in Kuwait. These visas require applicants to have a sponsor who must be resident in Kuwait. The three categories of residence visas include domestic, work and family (dependent) visa.

  • Residence Visa For Work

This visa is issued to persons offered employment by a Kuwait company. Kuwait employer applies for the visa at the Ministry of Social affair and Labour.
The employer would need to present his passport and a no-objection certificate or NOC from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Ministry of Interior.

  • Residence Visa For Domestic

Kuwait expatriates who need domestic servants(from foreign countries) can apply for the Domestic visa. Expatriates bore the rigors of applications.

  • Residence Visa For Family

Family visas allow a male resident of Kuwait to bring his family (wife and children) over to live with him. No sponsorship allowed for husbands or sons above 21 years of age. Also, sponsors have to declare that they will support the dependent throughout his stay in Kuwait.

Kuwait Visa Requirements

The following documents are required, regardless of the visa type, you want to apply for.

  • Valid Nigerian passport valid for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The passport must have at least 1 blank passport page for visa stickers
  • Kuwait visa application form
  • 2 x 2 passport-sized photograph
  • A handwritten letter explaining the purpose of travel, the intended length of stay, and itineraries.
  • Issued Police Clearance
  • Valid health certificate showing that the applicant is in good health.

Having seen the Kuwait Visa Requirements, the next step is to proceed to apply for your visa. Note that the application process is through online.

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