Latest Secret Codes For iPhone That You Never Know

The main aim of this post is to revel to you all the secret codes for iPhone that you need to know in other to take control of your iPhone. You might have come across some of the secret iPhone codes before, and you have tried them out but they are not working.

Now this compilation of Latest secret codes for iPhone, works perfectly on all iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6.

Like i said before, i revel this secret code for only iPhone users for them to tweak their iPhone settings and make it perform better.

Latest Secret Codes for iPhone That You Must Know

Below are the iPhone codes you you need to know.
1. iPhone call forwarding Secret code

*#67# – This is to check the number for call forwarding if the iPhone is busy.

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2. iPhone configuration Secret code

*#33# – With this secret codes for iPhone, you will be able to check a number of configurations on your phone for your calls, SMS and data.

3. Secret Codes for iPhone block number

*#30# – This allows you to block any phone number for calling you.

4. iPhone phone number Secret code

*#31# – Use this code to hide your phone number

5. iPhone IMEI Secret code

*#06# – To check your phone IMEI which is your phone identifier for the hardware of your phone.

6. iPhone Secret code for field mode

*3001#12345#* – With this code, it will show you the field mode that has the internal settings of the iPhone, including the cell information and newest network settings.

Secret Codes for iPhone

7. iPhone bill balance Secret code

*225# – This is for Postpaid users only. Use it to check your bill balance.

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8. iPhone account balance Secret code

*777# – To check your account balance, Prepaid users can use this code.

9. iPhone Secret code operator

*#76# – Use this code to check if the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled

10. Code for iPhone use of information

*3282# – With this code, you can get details on the use of information about your iPhone.

11. Secret code for iPhone call verification

*#62# – You can verify the phone number for call forwarding when the phone is in no service.

12. iPhone EFR mode code

*3370# – Tis activate your iPhone in EFR mode. EFR meansĀ  Enhanced Full Rate.

13. iPhone Secret code for SMS center

*#5005*7672# – With this secret phone code, you can check SMS center.

14. iPhone activate call waiting Secret code

*43# – Use this code to trigger call waiting.

So, the above iPhone Secret code will help you master your iPhone. Feel free to talk to using the comments box below, if you have any questions or problems regarding these codes. And please help us and share this post.

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