Learn How To Recover Deleted Images From Your Android Device Now

You mistakenly deleted or lost some of your images on your Android device? Don’t panic. This article is suitable for you. Technology grows rapidly and improves daily and thanks to its persistence, the fear of losing images permanently has been solved.

 Recover Deleted Images From Your Android Device

How does this work?

What you don’t know is when you delete an image from your device, it doesn’t erase permanently. It simply releases space on your device. Now how does the trick of recovering deleted pictures work? Once you delete a picture, try not to use your phone to perform any other operation. When you do this, you simply overwrite the space and its images the data lost permanently. Recovering deleted items from your Android device needs a third party app to succeed.

How to Recover Deleted Images on your Android

Great gratitude to the improvement of technology, there are invented applications on Google Play Store that helps you easily to recover deleted pictures from your android device.

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The best app tested for this job is DiskDigger. This application is easy to understand, operate and use.
DiskDigger is an app that simply helps you in recovering deleted and lost pictures from your Android devices.

How Does DiskDigger Work?

DiskDigger is a photo recovery app. It has the ability of undeleting and recovering lost pictures from your SD card or your internal memory. The application simply searches the cache and thumbnails in your device thoroughly, recovers the file and revives the image.

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How to use DiskDigger To Recover Deleted Images

  1. Open DiskDigger on your device and press Start Basic Photo Scan. A list of the recently deleted files will pop up
  2. Select the photo you wish to recover and press  “Recover” .
  3. Select the lace you wish to save the photo and you’re good to go!

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