List Of Highest Paid Jobs in Philippines

According to the yearly report of highest paid jobs, jobs like IT, Software specialist, IT specialist, systems administration, Administration and restorative specialists are among the top highest paid jobs.

Just as everybody is longing and dreaming to settle and get a nice job that gives highest earnings, we will list all the of top highest paid jobs in Philippines for you.
The following is the list of all the major and highest paid jobs in Philippines with information technology-related positions leading the list..

Highest Paid Jobs in Philippines

1. IT/Computer – Software: People that belong to this category have the capacity to earn 37,784 PHP a month.
If it comes to the authoritative or administrative level, the compensation will increase to 100,838 PHP a month, making it the highest paid employment in this nation.

2. IT/Computer Network/Database Administrator: The monthly earning depends on various levels, as the level builds the payment likewise increments. As for the apprentices, the normal monthly pay is 33,029 PHP, this further increase to 52,319 PHP separately. When you attend the higher position in an association, you are sure of of 81,274 PHP every month.

3. Technical and Helpdesk Support: The highest monthly payment in Technical and Helpdesk Support in Philippines is 80,405 PHP. The jobs of this specialization are in extraordinary interest in Philippines and this is widely open for youths to pickup this work and have a decent begin in their transporter.

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4. Customer Service: The highest paid jobs for Customer Service is 76,538 PHP monthly and one can have a great looking compensation even at low level and if you are well experienced, you are sure of ranges from 34,772 PHP to 76,538 PHP every month.

5. Architecture/Interior Design: The need of Architecture/Interior Design is growing every year and because of this, this job is among the highest paid occupation and the job seekers appreciates as a pay of 68,616 PHP is sure for you every month.

6. Training and Development: The highest paying job that a vocation seeker can acquire to receive a normal payment of 67,380 PHP every month and for fresher and people who are with just couple of years of experience can get a cash of 23,762 PHP monthly.

Other High Paying jobs in Philippines includes:

7. Corporate Finance/Investment Merchant Banking ( 21,000 to 66,362 PHP monthly)

8. Finance – General/Cost Accounting (59,696 PHP monthly)

9. Maintenance/Repair (Facilities and Machinery)

10. Manufacturing Production Operations (59,153 PHP monthly)

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