List of MTN Data plan for Android and PC With their Activation Code

Have you been looking for the Cheap MTN Data plan for Android and its activation code? now you don’t need to worry again about it because right now onlinepluz will list for you all the MTN Data plan for Android and it activation code.
It dose not matter if you are an occasional, regular or heavy user, because MTN has a data plan that suits your lifestyle.

MTN Data plan for Android All you need to do is to identified the bundle plan that best suits you, and simply text the migration code for the plan to 131.

List of MTN Data plan for Android and PC With their Activation Code

Plan NameAmountData CapValiditySMS to 131Targeted Device
MTN Mobile Daily#10010MB24 Hours104Handset
MTN Daily Internet#500150MB24 Hours104Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN 250MB Mobile Browsing#1,300250MB24/7 / 30Days109Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN 500MB Mobile Browsing#2,000500MB24/7 / 30Days110Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN 1GBB Mobile Browsing#3,5001GB24/7 / 30Days111PC/Tablet
MTN Monthly For Mobile#1,000100MB24/7 / 30Days106Handset
MTN Weekly For Mobile#50025MB7Days105Handset
MTN Monthly Internet#8,0005GB30Days101PC/Tablet
MTN Weekend Internet#3,0003GB9am Fri-9pm Mon, 30 Days108Handset/PC/Tablet
MTN Day Time Internet#6,0003GB9am-9pm 30 Days107Handset/PC/Tablet

MTN Hourly Data Plans

Time LimitAmountSMS to 131Validity Period
2 Hours#2502H2 Days
20 Hours#1,50020H7 Days
100 Hours#5,000100H30 Days
300 Hours#15,000300H90 Days


How to send Data as a Gift Plan to your Family and  Friends

Now am going to show you two simple ways on how you can send Data plan as a gift to your friends and family.

First Method:

1. Register for the Data Gifting service by the sending keyword REG to 131; you will receive a unique authentication PIN

2. Text key word “GIFT [MSISDN][Data Bundle Code][PIN] to 131. E.g Gift 0803xxxxxxxx 106 0000.

Where 106 is the code of 100MB monthly plan and 0000 is your PIN”

2nd Method:

Simply Dial *131# and follow the menu

To check your remaining data plan, send 2 to 131.

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