List Of Commonwealth Countries in the World – Commonwealth of Nations

The Commonwealth of Nations which was formerly the British Commonwealth, and also known as the Commonwealth is an intergovernmental organization of 53 member states bound together by common values, including respect for diversity, human rights, democracy, and good governance.

The main aim and goal of the Commonwealth organization are to improve the well-being of all Commonwealth citizens and as well to advance their shared interests globally.

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Altogether, the population of the Commonwealth is around 2.4 billion people, including both the advanced and developing countries.

Complete List Of Commonwealth Countries in the World

See below for the list of Commonwealth Countries that make up the Commonwealth of Nations.

Asian Countries    Name of Country
 1.  Bangladesh
 2.  Brunei Darussalam
 3.  India
 4.  Malaysia
 5.  Pakistan
 6.  Singapore
 7.  Sri Lanka
 African Countries  
 1.  Botswana
 2.  Cameroon
 3.  The Gambia
 4.  Ghana
 5.  Kenya
 6.  Lesotho
 7.  Malawi
 8.  Mauritius
 9.  Mozambique
 10.  Namibia
 11.  Nigeria
 12.  Rwanda
 13.  Seychelles
 14.  Sierra Leone
 15.  South Africa
 16.  Swaziland
 17.  Uganda
 18.  United Republic of Tanzania
 19.  Zambia
 American Countries  
 1.  Antigua and Barbuda
 2.  The Bahamas
 3.  Barbados
 4.  Belize
 5.  Canada
 6.  Dominica
 7.  Grenada
 8.  Guyana
 9.  Jamaica
 10.  Saint Kitts and Nevis
 11.  Saint Lucia
 12.  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 13.  Trinidad and Tobago
 European Countries  
 1.  Cyprus
 2.  Malta
 3.  United Kingdom
 Pacific Countries  
 1.  Australia
 2.  Fiji Islands
 3.  Kiribati
 4.  Nauru
 5.  New Zealand
 6.  Papua New Guinea
 7.  Samoa
 8.  Solomon Islands
 9.  Tonga
 10.  Tuvalu
 11.  Vanuatu

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