List Of Top 30 Richest Countries By GDP-PPP 2017

Below are the list of Top 30 Richest Countries By GDP-PPP 2017 as released by The Global Finance Magazine.The Global Finance Magazine used a special method to rank these countries.

Top 30 Richest Countries By GDPThe factors adopted by GFM to rank these Richest Countries in the world include the Gross Domestic Product (GDP- the total value of goods and services produced by the nation) and the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP- which takes into account cost of living and inflation rates).

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The small countries that dominate the top ten have small populations compared to countries that lead the world purely in terms of GDP — such as the United States, China, or Germany. Check below for full list of Richest Countries By GDP.

List Of Top 30 Richest Countries By GDP-PPP 2017

Note: The GDP per capita listed in this post represents the amount of wealth the country produced in 2016 and is expressed in international dollars.

S/NCountriesGDP Per Capita
1Qatar $129,726
3Macao $96,147
4Singapore $87,082
5Brunei $79,710
6Kuwait $71,263
7Ireland $69,374
8Norway $69,296
9United Arab Emirates $67,696
10San Marino $64,443
11Switzerland $59,375
12Hong Kong$58,094
13United States $57,293
14Saudi Arabia $54,078
15The Netherlands $50,846
16Bahrain $50,302
17Sweden $49,678
18Australia $48,806
19Germany $48,189
20Iceland $48,070
21Austria $47,856
22Taiwan $47,790
23Denmark $46,602
24Canada $46,239
25Belgium $44,881
26Oman $43,737
27United Kingdom $42,513
28France $42,384
29Finland $41,812


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