London News Update – Vehicle Clears Pedestrians At Rock Street

London’s Metropolitan Police reported that officers were called near after midnight Sunday to an incident where a London vehicle clears pedestrians on Seven Sisters Road. A lot of casualties were involved in this fatal accident and according to the police one person was arrested and inquires are being made on the case.

A resident that lives around the area known as Cynthia Vanzella said she was in bed when she heard people shouting. According to her, she went to the window and saw “loads of people gathering” in a corner across the road from her window.

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“They were very nervous, shouting very loud, trying desperately to make some signs to a police car that was just passing the road,” she said.
“I saw so many of them crying, screaming, trying to get the police and the ambulance,” she said.
Alot of people were injured.
It was noted that the entire neighborhood has a large Muslim population and the nearby mosque has a notorious reputation as a place where Islamist militants used to gather.
More information would be released when the case is certain.

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