Manchester United vs Chelsea Draw: Mourinho in Bust-up After Chelsea Draw with Man U

The match between Manchester United and Chelsea was probably one of the most anticipated English premier league game this weekend. Manchester United had been on the losing side more often this season and there was some uncertainty about their performance at the Stamford Bridge. However, the match ended in a draw with each team getting 2 goals each into the net before the game was over. Mourinho actions were, however, the most newsworthy in the Manchester United vs Chelsea draw

The match was sparked to life in the 21st minute when Antonio Rudiger converted a chance by Willian, but an equalizer came from Anthony martial 10 minutes into the second half. Antony martial scored the second goal in the 73rd minute to put Manchester untied in front. The coach and fans were already preparing to celebrate a win when Ross Barkley of Chelsea came out of nowhere to score a goal in the 96 minutes.

Manchester united vs Chelsea draw
It was indeed a match full of drama, but the one that has the front page of several new report buzzing is the boil over of Mourinho emotion. The coach celebrated his teams leads with a fist pump, but when the equalizer was scored in the 96 minutes, he already had his temper brimming and threatening to spill over. Matters were not helped by Chelsea staff and their fans when they celebrated the late equalizer by Berkeley.

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This really got on the nerves of the red devil’s coach, and he got up trying to address what he considered to be gloating form the Chelsea, backroom member. He was eventually calmed down by members of his staff but still showed Chelsea fans three fingers, meaning the three trophies he got them while at Stamford Bridge.

Antony martial with two goals for Manchester United took the award for the man of the match. And after the Manchester United vs Chelsea draw, Mourinho’s men now occupy the 10th position on the league table. But the season is just 9 matches in, so there might still be time to get back in the game.

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