Meals To Avoid If You Want To Look Younger & Stronger

Our bodies are our gardens; our wills are our gardeners. – William Shakespeare

Meals To Avoid

Your skin looks the way it does because of the type, combination or amount of food you eat. Consistent balanced meal is very essential for the body and it goes a long way to affect an individual’s life positively.

Eating a balanced meal, for instance taking lots of fruit and vegetables, this results in the skin glowing and becoming healthier. It also makes the skin devoid of blemishes and ultimately signs of tiredness and ageing.

There are certain meals to avoid, similarly, consuming the wrong type of food works fast to age the skin as well as the entire body system. The next time you’re tempted to eat these foods that are mentioned below, remember that the sad consequence is that you’ll age faster.

Meals To Avoid So You Can Look Younger & Stronger


Studies conducted have revealed that spicy foods irritates blotches around the body. It is also necessary to avoid spicy foods when you have spider veins and puffiness which becomes severe when ladies are around menopause. I am not saying you should cut out spicy food entirely from your diet, but I’m saying that it’s better it’s kept minimal.

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Salty foods are hazardous for retaining water in the body which gives the body a puffy look. Excess salt in the body also increases the blood pressure and consequently weakens the heart which shows on the body at the end of the day. Researchers and medical practitioners advised that it is best to eat as little salt possible and eat more fresh against processed foods.


Sugary foods or refined carbs from fizzy drinks, pasta, cakes and more age the skin fast because they damage the skin cells as well as affect the production of collagen that helps keep the skin tight. Cut down the sugar and watch your skin glow and stay youthful. This is worth the trial.

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Alcohol is notoriously popular for making the skin age faster! It is known to secrete cortisol/stress hormone that wears out the skin, damages skin cells and collagen production leaving the skin aging fast. Desist from making this your best friend and live healthily.


Processed foods contain high amount of salt or too much sugar and generally not healthy for the skin or its health. It is better to eat fresh foods which contain natural ingredients good for making the skin glow and look younger.

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