Microsoft Excel Tutorial | Must Read Tips On How To Use Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Tutorial That Will Guide You on How to Use Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Tutorial | How To Use Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Windows, Android, and IOS. It is primarily used for calculation; it also features graphing tools, pivot table, and a macro programming language known as visual basic for application.

More About Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel was first released in September 30, 1985, and it was known as excel 2.0 (for Intel platform). It uses a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns, it is used in engineering, accounting, finances, statistics.

Also, Microsoft excel can display data as line graphs, charts, histograms and three dimensional graphical display.

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Here are some tips that will help you to use your Microsoft excel:

(1). Pivot Table: Pivot tables are used to reorganize data in excel, this pivot tables do not change the data you already have in your table. They can be used to compare information on your spreadsheet or they can be used to sum up values. Pivot tables works depending on what you want them to do. To create a pivot table click on data-pivot table and Microsoft excel will automatically populate your pivot table.

(2). Add more than Row or Column: If you want to add more than a row or column as you are working with your excel, adding the rows one by one seems to be tedious. To add  more than one row, simply highlight the same number of preexisting rows or columns that you wish to add, then right click and select INSERT.

(3). Removing Duplicates: Duplication is repetition of the same data. To remove duplicate from a particular row or column, highlight the row or column you want to remove duplicate from, then go to Data tabs>tools>remove duplicates. A pop up appears for you to choose the data you want to work with, select Remove duplicate and you are done.

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(4). Excel Simple Calculations: Like earlier said excel is used for calculations. Simple calculations like addition (use + sign), subtraction (use _ sign), multiplication (use * sign ), division (use / sign) can be done with the excel. You determine the calculations that are done first you use parenthesis.


(5). IF Statement: This plays a very important role in excel, whenever you don’t want to count the number of times a value appears, instead you want to input different information into a cell if there is a corresponding cell with the information. This Formula is used IF(logical_test, value _if _true, value of false)

(6). Use of dollar sign: When dollar sign is used in Microsoft excel, it does not represent American dollar, the dollar just makes sure that the value in a row and column are not changed even if you copy the same formula in adjacent row.

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