MTN Tariffs for 2018 and Their Migration Codes

MTN has been one of the leading service providers in Nigeria for as long as anyone can remember. Their network also has the highest amount of users in Nigeria. For MTN users there are a lot of tariff options to pick from. So, check out theseMTN Tariffs for 2018 and get the best out of them.

Since there so many to choose from, customers often end up making the wrong choice and they might not know how to migrate from such tariff to a better one. If you fall into that category, there is no need to worry as we have added all the tariffs, their migration codes and their benefits in this article.

There are so many tariffs to choose from if you are using MTN and you must have seen messages with each tariff trying to win you over. But don’t get carried away, even though some of them promises unending bonuses they have hidden charges that would still make sure you pay more for calls.

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All the tariffs of MTN have been listed below, so read through and see the one that suits you the most:

MTN Tariffs for 2018

  • MTN BetaTalk

Migration code: *123*2*6# or send BT to 131

BetaTalk provides customers with a 200% bonus on recharges form 100 and there are also no charges for the first call. call rate goes for 40k/sand you can’t subscribe to night plan. However, if estimated you get to talk for 12 minutes and 30 seconds when you recharge #100.

  • MTN Pulse

MTN Tariffs for 2018
Migration code: *406*1# or send 406 to 131

A lot of MTN users are on MTN Pulse. This MTN Tariffs for 2018 plan charges call at 11k/s and users can buy data of 1GB for just #500 which should last for a week. You also get to talk for 14 minutes 28 seconds with a recharge of 100 and also subscribe for 25 naira for 500MB night plan.

  • MTN XtraPro

Migration code: *401*1# or send 401 to 131

For this tariff, there is no bonus credit on recharge and you call for 11k/s to all networks. There is also no night plan and you have to pay #5 before you can enjoy the service of 11k/s.

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  • MTN XtraSpecial

MTN Tariffs for 2018
Migration code: *408*1# or 408 to 131

Call to all networks is charged at 15k/s and there is no fee that you have to play daily. If you buy a #100 recharge card, you will be able to talk for approximately11 minutes and 6 seconds and you can also make selected international calls at 15k/s.

  • MTN TruTalk

Migration code: *123*2*1# or text 400 to 131

MTN TruTalk also has some very interesting offers like. You can talk for 16 minutes and 1 seconds with #100 recharge card at a call rate of 26k/s for MTN to other networks. For MTN to MTN you get to talk for 20 minutes and 48 seconds on the #100 recharge card. Your recharge also earns you a 150% bonus but there are no night plans, no defined charge for all international calls and no #500 for 1gb.

That’s it about MTN Tariffs for 2018. Just select the tariff that suits you the most and enjoys it for as long as possible. For other news updates on various categories follow onlinepluz.

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