All You Need To Know About Ransomware Malware & How To Keep Your System Safe

about ransomware malware

More about Ransomware Malware – Recently, there has been a malware that troubles us while we are trying to operate our system. It has been a growing virus since two years now. It holds your computer or files for ransom. This malware has grown internationally and it affects  all and every kind of individual.

All You Need to Know About Ransomware Malware

Ransomware is simply a mischievous software that blocks access to your data or threatens to publish it until you pay a stipulated  ransom. It simply denies the computer user access to his or her files. There are several types of this malicious ware but this two types are very rampant. There are the;

  • Lockscreen Ransomware
  • Encryption Ransomware

How Ransomware Malware work?

How this malicious ware work is by claiming you are doing something illegal with your system and you have been caught and fined  by the authorities or government . If this tactics is not played on you, it also works by changing your files so you cannot gain access to it, then they demand money for you to access your files.

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How can they get to your system?

Just like any virus, ransomware malware can get on your system by;

  • Opening email and attachments from people you don’t know
  • Clicking on affected links on social media posts; Facebook,Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, Imo, 2go etc
  • Visiting affected websites
  • Clicking on Malvertising campaigns
  • Opening affected sms
  • Opening affected downloads icon

Enhanced and better equipped ransomeware encrypts the victim’s file, making it inaccessible thereby demanding a ransome to release it. The disturbing thing about this malicious software is that it’s not guaranteed that when you pay the money, you can access your files or system.

Things Ransomware can do to your system

Ransomeware stops you from accessing your files, it also stops you from accessing the internet. It can stop some apps from operating in your system. When it does any of this, it demands you pay a ransom to enable you get access to your computer.

How to avoid Ransomware Malware in your system

  • Quit opening emails you’re not familiar with
  • Do not open links your not sure of
  • Be careful of the websites you visit.
  • Have a data backup of all your files
  • Keep your protection software up to date

It targets anyone and everyone. You just have to be careful always. The awful thing about Ransomware malware is that it targets both mobile phones and PC.

 Browse safely, Click wisely!

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