Premier League Starts the Season with New Rules

new rules in the premier league
The new season for the English premier league kicked off on Friday night with a match between Manchester United and Leicester City. Since then Saturday and Sunday were made pleasurable for a lot of football fans with the series of matches played. However, in the game of football, there are certain rules that usually been revised due to improvement in the game or change in the dynamics. With that said, this has also applied to the England and there are new rules in the premier league.

In this article, we have put together all these rules and they are listed below;

New Rules in the Premier League 2018-19 Season

  • Manager behavior

In previous seasons, referees have had reasons to give managers of different clubs yellow cards and sometimes red cards. There won’t be a need for any of that as the new rule will now be to give the manager a one-match ban after four warnings.

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A total of eight warning will have a more severe punishment of two-match ban. A three-match ban will be for twelve warning. If, however, the manager continues to defy the rule of the game he will eventually be given an FA misconduct ban after 16 warnings.

  • Technology in the technical area

Some coaching staff has been seen with tablets and other technological devices. This is because they are now allowed for the coach to be able to show tactical videos, substitute player and analyze the data during the game.

  • Suspensions

For any yellow card received this season, the punishment will only apply the specific competition for which it was received. But a red card will apply across all competition, there will be an exception for cases which they apply. With this new rule, players will be banned for 5 yellow cards if they are received within 19 games. 10 yellow cards within 32 games and 15 yellow cards at the end of the season.

  • No extra-time in league cups

Players will no longer have the luxury of playing extra time when it comes to league cups, so for the carabao cup, the game will go straight to a penalty shootout if there is no winner in 90 minutes. The shoot-out will also follow the alternating kicks which are different from the former ABBA format used in 2017/2018.

  • Anti-doping

Usually, a player is notified of doping test 75 minutes from when the test is to be taken, that time luxury has now been canceled. Players will now be tested immediately after the match.

  • VAR

The VAR will not be used in the premier league for the 2018/2019 football season. The FA cup and Carabao cup will still use it. But that will bring its use to 60 matches for this season in England.

  • Transfer window

The transfer window closed quite early this year and that will be up for review by clubs in September and October. Although the review will simply be to access how the change has affected the game and not any formality.

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