New WhatsApp Group Chat Feature for Android and IOS Users

For years now WhatsApp has been an online messaging platform that has been popular and stays at the top among any other messaging app. This app makes messaging easier faster and consumes data as moderately as possible.

WhatsApp Group Chat Feature

There are several modifications that the app has experienced over the years, and this modification has been a welcome development as it has helped the app to function better.

Whatsapp is currently used by over 1.5 million people in over 180 countries in the world. Recently, WhatsApp has introduced new features for group chat, and it is available for both Android and IOS users all over the world.

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New WhatsApp Group Chat Feature

The latest features include;

  • Group description: this allows you to set the purpose, aims, and description of the group. This will make it easier for a new person to understand what the group is about. This description will show when a person is added or joins the group.
  •  Admin controls: The former version of WhatsApp allows just anyone to change the group icon and also to change the group name. That has now been worked ion, and it is only the group admin and those that he grants control that can either change the group picture or the mane of the group.
  • Group catch-up: If you have been away for the group for quite a while, you can now see all the messages that mentioned you or were directed at you. You can a do this by tapping the @ button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Participant search: If you want to find somebody that belongs to the group, you can do that by searching. This will help you locate the personal contact, and you can see their information (if they make it accessible)
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WhatsApp Group Chat Feature
Other new WhatsApp Group Chat Feature include;

  1. Access to share link instantly with Facebook
  2. Control your media visibility
  3. Mark chats as read/unread, delete chat and select multiple chats for various functions.
  4. Create a report of your account information.

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All these features are available on the new WhatsApp and to update the one on your open and enjoy them, just;

  • Go to play store for android devices
  • Swipe right across the screen, and select ‘my apps & games’
  • Search for the WhatsApp and then select updater app.

The app will constantly be updated, and you can enjoy all the new features.

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