Nigeria and Kenya Ranks Top Facebook Active Mobile Users in Africa

Top Facebook Active Mobile UsersTop Facebook Active Mobile Users – Nigerian and Kenya have ranked the top among the countries in Africa as the number one frontier-market for the medium in terms of mobiles to like, share and upload content on Facebook social network. According to Facebook, Nigeria has recorded 15 million monthly active users of  on Facebook, followed by Kenya 4.5 million users in a month

The numbers, the first Facebook has published show the two nations as important entry points on a continent of nearly one billion people.

According to Nunu Ntshingila, Facebook’s head of Africa, in a statement said that .

“Mobile is not a trend; it’s the fastest adoption of disruptive technology in history of communication,”

“Its active user population in Africa has grown from 20 percent to 120 million in June from 100 million in September last year.  A large portion of these users were in North Africa.” he said.

“Nigeria had nearly 15 million monthly active users as of June 30 this year, all of them  are using mobiles perform activities such as to like, share and upload content on Facebook. In Kenya, 95 percent of the 4.5 million monthly active users also use mobiles”

“Facebook has nearly 20 million users in major African markets Nigeria and Kenya, statistics released by the social network showed on Thursday, with the majority using mobile devices to access their profiles.”


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