Driver’s Licence Renewal – See How to Renew your Drivers Licence Online

The Driver’s Licence Renewal process is very easy, simple and stress-free, and it can be done online. If your Drivers Licence has expired, and you want to renew it, then this article is for you. Gone are those days you can do it only at the FRSC local offices. Now things have changed, people can now apply and as well renew their Nigeria driver’s license online.

On this page, you will learn how to renew your Driver’s Licence online without stress, only if you follow the few steps outlined below.

Driver's Licence Renewal

Driver’s Licence Renewal Process

  1. In order to renew Nigeria driver’s license online, you need to visit the NigeriaDriversLicense website
  2. Click on the Renewal of Driver’s License option
  3. You will be taken to a page where you will input all the required information.Driver's Licence Renewal
  4. Type in your Driver’s License Number first.
  5. Next, enter your Date of Birth on the page.
  6. Once the information you provided is accurate, kindly press on “Search” to search for your driver’s license in the database of the online NigeriaDriversLicense website.
  7. When your driver’s license information is shown to you, follow the proceeds required of you to renew your Nigeria driver’s license online.
  8. Then once done, ensure you print the Acknowledgement Slip and take it to the FRSC office.

Steps To Apply For New Nigeria Driver’s License Online

Before you proceed to apply for the Nigeria driver’s license online, you will first need to acquire a driving school certificate. Once you have the driving school certificate, you can now visit the NigeriaDriversLicense website, and use your driving school certificate number to start your application.

Follow the outline step guide below to get started.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Click on DL Application which will show you three options (1). New Driver’s License (2). Renewal of Driver’s License (3). Re-issue of Driver’s License.
  • Simply press the New Driver’s License option and then a new page to authenticate your Driving School Certificate Number will load.
  • In order to Authenticate Driving School Certificate Number page, type in your certificate number into the Test Certificate Number box and click on Validate.Driver's Licence Renewal
  • Once validated, proceed to the other forms required in applying for Nigeria driver’s license online.
  • When you have completed the form with all required information on the forms, print out the Acknowledgement Slip and take it to the nearest FRSC office for the confirmation of the application and the physical procedures needed to get the license.
  • Once you follow the above process, you will be able to apply for Nigeria driver’s license online.

NOTE: Not only that you can apply for, or do Driver’s Licence Renewal online, you can as well request a re-issue of the Nigeria driver’s license online, should incase your license card is lost or stolen.

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