Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Shortlisted Candidate For Exams

The Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Shortlisted Candidate has been released. According to the information from Naij, “Nigerians numbering 110,469 have been shortlisted for the nationwide recruitment of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF)”.

The shortlisted candidates are on this note expected to take an aptitude tests which will commence on Monday, August 22. The aptitude tests will hold on all the 36 states of the federation.

According to the Police Service Commission (PSC), only  110,469 applicants have been shortlisted in the recently embarked nationwide police recruitment.

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Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Shortlisted Candidate List.

The categories of applicants shortlisted for recruitment into the police are as follows and they partake in the examination that will hold at designated schools in their states.

  • Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police – 22,454: 10,290 for general duties and 12,164 specialists.
  • Cadet Inspectors – 24,456: 11,639 for general duties and 12, 817 for specialists.
  • Constables – 63,559: 40,492 for general duties and 23,067 for specialists.
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During the exercise, 115 applicants were arrested for document forgery and impersonation and among others.

How To Pass Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Examination

Most applicants has been wondering if they will pass the exam, but i want to tell you that their is nothing to fear about. you only need to follow the due process in other to be selected into the Nigeria Police Force. Now below are the things to follow before you will be selected.

1. Ensure that you are not under-aged or over-age before you apply.

2. Make sure you have no tattoo marks on your body, as this will disqualify you.

3. Falsifying or forging documents will not be allowed, and beside you will be prosecuted for that. So ensure that all your documents are original.

4. Ensure that you have no bad record in the society.

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Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Exam Day

The screening exercise is scheduled to start as follow:

a. Monday, August 22

Cadet ASPs for both general duty and specialists.

b. Tuesday, August 23.

Cadet Inspectors for both general duty and specialists.

c. Wednesday, August 24.

Constables for both general duty and specialists.

All state coordinators are been warned against compromising the exercise, as they would be held responsible for any breach of the rules.

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