Nigeria Police Salary Structure And Ranks (Complete Details)

Nigeria Police Salary Structure And RanksĀ  – Check Out How Much a Nigerian police officer is being paid monthly.

Nigeria Police Salary Structure

Just as the Nigerian Police 2016 Recruitment has started, i will be glad to show you how much a Nigerian police officer being paid every mouth.

You will also see the full details of the nigeria police salary structure just as any one who is applying for Nigerian Police recruitment, you will have an ideal of the monthly salary of a nigeria police officer.

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Also be aware that the average monthly salary of any Nigerian police dependent on the rank he/she is occupying in the in the Nigeria Police Force.

Nigeria Police Salary Structure And Ranks

S/NRankLevelMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
1Police ConstableGrade Level 03N43, 293.80N519,525.6
2Police ConstableGrade Level 10N51,113.59N613,363.08
3Police CorporalGrade 04 (1)N44,715.53N536,586.36
4Police CorporalGrade Level 04 (10)N51,113.59N613,365.08
5Police SergeantGrade 05 (step1)N48,540.88N582,490.56
6Police SergeantGrade 05 (step 10)N55,973.84N671,686.08
7Sergeant MajorGrade 06 (step 1)N55,144.81N661,737.72
8Cadet InspectorGrade Level 07 (step1)N73,231.51N878,778.12
9Cadet InspectorGrade 07 (step10)N87,135.70N1,045,628.4
10Assistant Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 08 (step1)N127,604.68N1,531,256.16
11Assistant Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 08 (step10)N144,152.07N1,729,824.84
12Assistant Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 09 (step1)N136, 616.06N1,639,392.72
13Assistant Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 09 (step10)N156,318.39N1,875,820.68
14Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 11 (step1)N161,478.29
15Deputy Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 10 (step10)N170,399.69N2,044,796.28
16Deputy Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 10 (step1)N148,733.29N1,784,799.48
17Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 11 (step 10)N187,616.69N2,251400.28
18Chief Of Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 12 (step1)N172,089.06N2,065,068.72
19Chief Of Superintendent Of PoliceGrade 12 (step8)N199,723.96N2,396,687.52
20Assistant Commissioner Of PoliceGrade 13 (step1)N183,185.73N2,198,228.76
21Assistant Commissioner Of PoliceGrade 13 (step10)N212,938.16N2,555,257.92
22Inspector General Of Police, (IGP)(IGP)N711,498N8,537,976
22Deputy Inspector General Of Police(DSP)N546,572.73N6,558,872.76
23An Assistant Inspector General Of PoliceN499,751.87N5,997,022.44
24Commissioner Of PoliceGrade 15 (step6)N302,970.47N3,635,645.64
25Commissioner Of PoliceGrade 15 (step1)N266,777.79N3,201,333.48
26Deputy Commissioner Of PoliceGrade 14 (step7)N278,852.79N3,346,233.48
27Deputy Commissioner Of PoliceGrade 14 (step1)N242,715.65N2,912,587.8

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